Painted Spinespur Miniatures

Few character figures from the Spinespur 28mm Modern Horror Skirmish Game.

Pigskin Man, Leader of the Slaughterhouse faction, one of the key characters in the game.

BellSaw, a Chainsaw armed thug. An independent character who can join any of the gangs in the game. This model was one of the free "stretch goal" miniatures from the successful Kickstarter campaign (see the KS page in the "Spinespur" Label.

Reaper miniature, typical "slasher flick" look.  Can be a thug model themed to the Slaughterhouse gang or as a proxy for Hack, one of the game's key characters (also big guy with chainsaw......Spinespur likes chainsaws!)

Mr Jingles, probably the most violent and depraved character in the game. Nasty piece of work....unique sort of model though.

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