Broken Contract Rules Playtest Game

We got together over the weekend to playtest the forthcoming "Broken Contract" Post Apocalypse rules. Wonderful tense game in the confines of the mining tunnels.

The scenario involved the attempt by 4 of the rebellious miners  to damage or destroy a new mining robot that the corporate overseers want to trial inside the mine.

They had to deal with any guards before they could sound an alarm and then locate the robot and ideally disable it without any damage. They had the option of using a skilled mechanic, a blaster with dynamite, a cutter with rock saw or as a last resort, sledge hammers.

In the end the mechanic was able to slip past the guards while they were fighting the other miners and skilfully disable the robot for a clear victory. The guards managed to restrain and capture 2 of the miners but were unable to prevent the loss of the robot.

Figures (slightly converted) from EM4, Johnny Borg, Taban, GW and Prince August. Scenery built as per this "how to" on the Lead Adventure Forum.
Mine Scenery

Further details of the wonderful "Broken Contract" game on the creators blog:
Nick Baran Blogsite