Normandy 1944 Hill 192 scenario

11 July 1944, St. George d'Elle, Normandy. In preparation for the breakout attack on St Lo American troops from 1st Batallion 38th Infantry attack and capture the hill at point 192, the highest point overlooking  St Lo.
Game played with 1/300 vehicles and figures from H&R and Skytrex using the 'Kampfgruppe Normandy' rules. 
Terrain is a painted bed sheet over towels to form the higher ground.  
The Bocage and other hedges are homemade from torn nylon scourers painted and flocked over banks of modelling clay.
Trees are homemade (pipe cleaners, nylon scourers and rubberised horsehair) or from model Railway supplies via ebay.
Ruined buildings are resin from a myriad of manufacturers based as "sectors" on MDF (town sector bases actually designed for Spearhead rules).
Played in La Laguna "El Arbol Blanco".

11 de Julio 1944 en la aldea de San George d/Elle, St Lo Normandy. El objetivo norteamericano es capturar la colina.
La figuras 1/300 de marca 'Heroics y Ros' o 'Skytrex' y la Reglas son 'Kampfgruppe Normandy" de Warhammer Historical
El terreno verde es una sábana de cama pintada. Los setos y "bocage" son todo casero. Los árboles caseros o de modelos de Ferrocarril . Los edificios arruinados son resina de varios fabricantes.
La partida se jugó en la tienda "El Arbol Blanco", La Laguna.