Kampfgruppe Normandy 1944 6mm.

Kampfgruppe Normandy 1944.

Another battle in our 6mm Normandy campaign games. Following the successful capture of Hill 192 the American troops continue their advance towards St Lo.
This game was based on the "Rots" scenario from the KGN rulebook. The advancing Americans have to capture a small bridge over a marshy banked stream in a shallow valley and then occupy the town on the opposite rise. The Germans defenders have to occupy and hold the town and if possible prevent the Americans crossing the stream.

The first few turns of the game saw both forces advancing but it was obvious that the Germans would have a strong defensive position set up by the time the cautious Americans reached the bridge.

The lead recce elements of the American force reached the bridge but were quickly destroyed by ambush fire from German tanks and Artillery. The Americans made several further attempts to force the bridge, even calling in attacks from fighter aircraft but were unable to make any impression on the German defences.

The continuing arrival of American re-inforcements allowed them to dig in and hold the ground before the stream but the German defenders had won the day, the Americans had not been allowed to cross the stream.

Another close fought game with excellent rules and a well balanced scenario.
Thanks to Ivan for the pictures and the following short video of the table during the game.