"Broken Contract" Post Apocalypse Skirmish Game

I have been working on some figures and scenery for a new 28mm Post Apocalypse skirmish game called "Broken Contract". Set on a mining planet the game is an rpg/skirmish cross based on miners trying to escape from the brutal corporation that controls their lives. Originally designed as a board game it has been converted to use tabletop models.

Some Miner figures:

Some Corporate Security Guards

The first sections of the Mine

They join together:

View from character level:

5 comentarios:

  1. Very cool figures and genre - love the mine so far!

  2. Awesome. I can't wait to see how your mine develops and how your playtesting goes. :)

  3. Very nice work Robh, hope your hand fits in that mine ;)

  4. Hopefully you will see next week, I may bring them up to the shop.

  5. Awesome, looking forward to see those wonders.