Spinespur: Kickstarter Project

Heroic scale, Survival Horror Miniatures game where Fear, brutality and dead bodies are the key to winning. 

 Comfy Chair Games have re-launched the wonderful Survival Horror game "Spinespur" and are looking for backers to help the development of the new release figures and first expansion rules (for street gangs).

 Spinespur is a 32mm skirmish level miniatures game where players will use between 6 and 10 models per side in a standard size game. Most every model has multiple wounds, so the one shot/one kill method of play is rarely a factor in games of Spinespur.

When a model dies in Spinespur, their bodies and weapons don't magically disappear. A dead body is marked with a corpse marker, and other models can move up to the corpse and loot weapons to add to your arsenal. This means you do not have to enter the battlefield with the best weapons, you just have to kill your opponents models and loot their weapons.

As mentioned above, when a model dies their dead body is marked with a corpse marker. Some models in Spinespur have the ability to use the corpse markers as resources. Some models are able to raise the dead from a corpse marker, and have the new undead model fight for them. Other models consume the corpse marker in order to heal themselves or sometimes cast magic spells. We don't leave anything to waste in Spinespur.

Another game mechanic that has been rethought in Spinespur, is fear. Many games approach fear by having a player roll some dice, and if they don't roll over a certain number their models run off the board. What a cheap way to lose hardened warrior models in a game. In Spinespur, we made fear something that the psychopathic denizens of Spinespur can use as a weapon, not unlike what you would see in a horror movie. In Spinespur, fear is represented by fear tokens. As models do things to horrify or terrify opposing models, they gain fear tokens. Fear tokens can be used to reroll dice or even just tip the dice over one side. This makes fear a commodity in Spinespur. Besides, what is survival horror without fear?

Just some of our beautiful and disturbing models.

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